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Our wedding films are made with emotion. We want to tell your story and have you feel every part of the day as if you're reliving it again. We go through every speech, every vow and carefully select the moments that capture your story in a powerful way. Music is the most important part in making this happen. Once we find the perfect licened song, we can then craft your wedding film into something truly one-of-a-kind that you'll cherish forever.


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Can we choose our song?

Unfortunately, no. Due to copyright issues and the fact that it costs tens of thousands of dollars to license popular music, I hand pick all music from premium music licensing platofrms. The first step in creating your story, is finding the right music. Not every song will fit every film. Carefully picking a song sometimes takes 2-3 days and is arguably one of the most difficult yet most important thing to do. The soundtrack I pick will dictate how your film is edited and how we tell your story.

What do I get with my highlight film?

Your highlight film is a 2-5min long creative video that condenses your whole day. This is the film that is the most fun and powerful to watch! We include footage of your morning preparations, ceremony, photoshoot and reception clips into a emotionally story driven film.

What is a full length film?

Your full length film is your ceremony and reception edited together. This is typically anywhere from 1.5-2 hours long. I go through all the audio and clean it up. I also go through all the footage and color correct each shot, polishing up everything to create a full length film you'll have for years to come.

Will you pose and direct us?

I love natural shots. Filming you and your partner organically is what makes the shot. I will lightly pose you if needed but I mainly stay in the back as the phtoographer takes the lead and tells you to dip, twirl and kiss. The natural movement between you two, and the laughs in between, is what will drive your film to be the most powerful.

How do you work with other vendors?

Being in the business for 10+ years in Windsor/Essex County, I've worked with many other vendors over the years. The great thing is most of us know each other and have worked together many times. Whether it's a new vendor, or a familiar one, we all communicate and coordinate together to make sure your day goes smoothly.


Do you offer drone footage?

Yes I do! I love using the drone add-on for my clients to create something special. I typically use it for establishing shots such as filming your venue during sunset, ceremony details if it's outside and during photo shoot sessions. If the weather is not co-operating, I will go after your wedding day and get all the establishing shots of your venue during the day and sunset to pick from for your film as well. It's definitely a popular add-on to have!

How would you describe your style?

My style is emotionally driven. I want to tell your story with music that will elevate the words in your film. I love focusing your wedding film with a speech or vows that will make you tear up in a good way. If you want a powerful, story driven film, then we're a perfect fit!

Can we make changes to our wedding film?

When you book with me, I ask you also book "my style". If you love my videos, then you can expect to get something cinematic, and story-driven. I can replace a few clips in your highlight video, however, changing a song or adding footage to your highlight film will disrupt the entire edit of the video. That being said, I want you to LOVE your film! Once your film is delivered, it is a final product rather than a draft. If you require large changes, and hourly edit fee is required.

Do you offer photography?

I only offer videography. I know many photographers that I can refer you to!

Can we meet you before the wedding?

Absolutely! Once you have your timeline of the day ready, I will go over it with you by phone or in person and make sure everyone is on board with everything.

How do we book you?

A 50% deposit is required to secure your date. Once the contract is signed and the payment is made, I have your date locked in!

Do you travel?

Yes! Please let me know the location when contacting me and we can discuss more!

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