Hi, I'm Mike! I'm the owner and videographer of Over The Ocean Films. We are based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and provide cinematic stories and live streaming solutions for your weddings and events for 10+ years.

Why I love filmmaking
From a young age, I would always pick up a video camera and film anything and everything that caught my eye! I would become very invested and make sure that I captured all the right angles and details even if it was just a regular family event or a cottage trip up north.

What sets our services apart?
As a filmmaker and musician, I've always had the passion to combine both elements: music + film. I believe filming involves the same finer nuances that go into creating a song or recording at a studio. They all involve telling a story to the audience and we combine these elements to make your story as complete as can be. We also provide HD live streaming services for weddings and corporate events.

Why choose us?
It takes time to know your craft but also to know how you want something captured. We always dedicate our time and energy into creating a high-class final product for each of our clients. Whether it be a wedding, corporate branding video, or even a music video, we focus on telling a story in addition to capturing each and every moment. Every person has a story to tell and every project has a story behind it. We're to help you relive those stories forever, from beginning to end.

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Do you have more questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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