We are a wedding videography company! That's what we do. Our primary focus is capturing your day how you want it. Want more of a cinematic movie look to your video? Yes! We can tailor your package that fits your needs and desires.

Love Story

Re-create your story! We will sit down with you and put together a customized storyline about your journey together. We will produce a fun and creative video that you will have for a lifetime!

Music Videos

We provide musicians/bands to showcase their songs and help bring them to the next level by producing a cinematic music video! We also provide smaller live off the floor recordings as well.

Digital Delivery

Don't care about DVD's or Bluray discs? We now offer digital delivery as a delivery method! It's an interactive online menu (just like when you pop in a dvd at home) that you can stream your entire wedding video. You can share the link with your family and friends! Also great for extended family who are unable to make it to your wedding.

Playable on: PC/Mac, Tablets, Smart Phones, Smart TV's

Add-On Options


Add a blockbuster movie look to your video! We use the revolutionary DJI's Ronin-M stabilization gimbal. It provides us a way to smoothly track our subjects and gives us the creativity and flexibility to film very dynamic shots. Ask about our stabilization add-on today!

Love Story

Re-create your story! This is a fun way to show everyone how you two met with a backing track of your favorite song. Your love story can also be played during your reception. Ask us more about it!

P.A System

Having your ceremony outside? We provide a P.A System with a microphone to make sure your guests can hear you and it's also connected directly in our recording system to properly capture your vows.

2 LED Lights

Need extra light? We provide 2 LED lights on stands during reception dancing.

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